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22 Piece Brush Set with Rose Buckle Bag

The makeup brush set is easy to carry and use.
With superior-quality, the makeup brushes in the set will not irritate your skin.
Durable case can well protect your makeup brushes.

$20.30, £13.06, €15.50 | Tmart
For 4 days Tmart has a special discount on this kit and offering it for $18.68 only. They also have free worldwide shipping

This brush set contains 22 brushes. The dimensions and lengths of all the brushes are mentioned here. The website says the set contains: "1 Rouge Brush, 6 Eyeshadow Brushes, 1 Eyebrow Brush, 1 Eyebrow Comb, 2 Lip Brushes, 1 Blush Brush, 2 Fan Brushes, 1 Eyelash Brush, 1 Eyeliner Brush, 2 Contour Brush, 2 Concealer Brushes, 1 Foundation Brush, 1 Eye Shadow Sponge Brush."

Sorry my camera totally messed up capturing all this hot pink-ness x_x

The minute I received this package and opened it to this hot pink clutch kinda bag I spent a minute or two dumbfounded, not for the life remembering when did I order one or which company said they would send me. Confused, I twisted the buckle to reveal 22 pink brushes and yes I was impressed. Though the hot pink is a little tacky for my taste but the bag definitely is unique. And I am delighted to say the brushes inside are not hot pink, they are a beautiful, matt-ish dusty pink with half the bristles bubblegum pink. Separated from the bag, nobody will be able tell that this brush set is from a generic asian mart, which is again quite impressive.

Having not-so-good experiences with brandless makeup brushes, I was surprised to find the bristles soft. Yes they are very soft, all of them! The brushes are made of nylon hair and range in picking and blending power. For instance the large Blush Brush is pretty dense and picks a lot of product. I think it would be better fit for maybe applying foundation. Some eyeshadow brushes lack in picking product at one go. They are not the best when it come to application especially for a professional but for beginner they do the job very well. The big brushes have protective flaps over them to retain their shape and all brushes have plastic wraps.

The thing I like most about this kit is, it has brushes which not all 22 Piece Brush Sets give, unlike the Fraulein 24 Piece Brush Set which had a lot of brushes repeating itself in different sizes, I was glad to find an angled contour brush, a highlighting brush and a smudge brush in this kit. It also has a small flat rounded brush very similar to Sigma's P80.

The hair do not shed while I am using this kit but one or two handles are loose and come off which I definitely will have to fix. Apart from that, a whole brush kit that costs only 15 bucks is A STEAL. For makeup beginners or for gifting a friend who is not obsessed with MAC or Sigma's heavily-priced kits, this is ideal.


22 dusty-pink makeup brushes with more-than-average quality and for only 15 bucks are bound to impress me!

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