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Monday's Mini: My li'l Panda Diary


I love me some cute stationery. If I have to have a pencil, eraser, pen, ruler etc they must be adorable. I sometimes baffle my husband when I sometimes go running after a Hello Kitty notebook or prance like a kid in the Disney store. So when Born Pretty Store offered some of their adorable stationary items I was delighted.  

Pandas anybody? This little Panda leather diary costs only $4.59 and is filled with tiny animal sketches inside. It is quite thick (does not say the number of pages on the site). The size is perfect to be fit in my handbag and it does not weigh much. I use it mostly to scribble in my blog-related ideas and this Panda is gonna last me years. Also there are four notebooks you can choose from.

With it also came these 70 Pieces transparent PVC Decoration stickers available in 4 various pattern combos. I picked the combo #1 with the BOWS and butterflies. They are transparent and look really fancy over the glass on my vanity, around the mirror or even if you wanna give a border to your wall. They cost only $1.99 and are of quite good quality.

Both these products can be bought here and you can get an additional 10% discount by using the code VXL91.

Are you into cute stationery items?

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