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Lazy Nails Peacock Nail Wraps - Review & Swatches

 Lazy Nails Peacock Nail Wraps

If you can imagine it, we can make it. Any design, any colour! Matte, gloss or glitter!  With our Bespoke options you can create your unique finish to the perfect outfit that will keep people talking for hours on end and make you the fashionista of the night. 

$11.15, £6.99, 8.23 | Lazy Nails

Lazy Nails is a UK based company that helps you create your custom nail wraps. You get 16 nail wraps with a manicure stick, nail file and nail cleansing wipe.

Lazy Nails Peacock Nail WrapsLazy Nails Peacock Nail Wraps
Lazy Nails Peacock Nail Wraps
Lazy Nails Peacock Nail Wraps

Custom Nail Wraps! How exciting does that sound? I love anything personalized. But also when it comes to custom-creating something I spend ages thinking over the perfect image. If you are that kind of person, you'll also be delighted to know, besides creating your nail wraps from scratch, Lazy Nails also gives you the ability to change their existing nail wraps to meet your preferences. Ever looked at a nail design and fell in love with a pattern but did not think the colour would match the outfit you are planning? Well, now you can change the colour combinations of any Lazy Nails nail wraps. Also if you have smaller nails and find the pattern too big to fit your style, you can alter the pattern scale too. This is all way too cool, right?

What I did was to customise this peacock nail wrap to the colour combo and pattern scale you are seeing in the picture. I stuck with the gloss finish but you can also choose matter or glitter. I was entralled to see Lazy Nails packaging when I received my design. I haven't seen nail wraps coming in such a pampered way. The nails were inside a black hard cardboard which opened like a booklet and had two pockets each side. I am sorry, I just forgot to take a picture of that part. One of the pocket contained the nail wraps and the other had the nail file, manicure stick and nail wipe. Pretty classy! I felt so special haha. Or at least my nails did.

This is how these nail wraps are applied:
1. Trim and shape the nail with the nail file.
2. Use the enclosed nail wipe to clean your nails.
3. Firmly apply nail wrap, smoothing out till perfectly applied. Use the manicure stick to set it well on your nail.
4. Gently file away the excess nail wrap with the nail file.

Well, to be honest, during and after application I found these nail wraps to be thicker and not really pliable as compared to some others I have tried. I found it very hard to set a wrinkle-free finish, they just would not maneuverr easily. They have a very sticker-like feel to them instead of self-adjusting adhesive nail wraps. Because of this it was practically impossible for me to file them neatly, whatever file I used, it left them with jagged ends. 

I wore them for three days, they did not come or tear off, but the ends started to un-glue and slightly irritated I peeled the entire thing off, which says another thing about them, instead of dried nail appliqu├ęs which you have to remove like nail polish, you just peel them off like stickers. After doing a little research on internet, I think the best way to apply them would have been heating them slightly with a blow dryer first and adding a bit of nail glue to my tips. But one, all this wasn't mentioned in the instructions. Two, it is too troublesome and for me loses the purpose of just-slap-on-and-go nail wraps.

It would have been awesome if the wraps would have sat nicely on my nails, still I LOVED, LOVED the turquoise-blue peacock pattern and no doubt it looked ah-mazing on my nails. I survived a party with it so that makes me happy.


Such an amazing concept of nail wraps customisation and packaging that is worth the price you pay, I just wish the nail wraps had been more pliable.

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