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How To Get A Perfect Red Lip

How To Get A Perfect Red Lip
We all love a red lip! It makes us look glamorous, all made up and hot. But we all sometime seen that super sexy red lip not looking as perfect on us as people rock it on red carpet.

As with all dark lipsticks, red lips requires extra precision in application, otherwise it ends up emphasizing all lip and application imperfections. So today I will guide all you beautiful ladies through steps on how to make your red lips rock. 

And please bear in mind, you don't need to make the job tedious everyday, this tutorial is for those special days where your red lips are the statement piece.

How To Get A Perfect Red Lip - Products

Let's begin with what you'll need:
1. A Lip Scrub
2. A Lip Balm
3. A Red Lip Liner
4. A Red Lipstick
5. A Concealer
6. A Lip Brush
7. A Concealer Brush

How To Get A Perfect Red Lip
You don't want that flakiness to show, never forget to exfoliate your lips whenever you are going for a darker lipstick. I used Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub. You can save the pennies and just make a lip scrub at home.
Then I followed up with Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm to prime my lips. Keep in mind, never apply a lip balm just before applying your lipstick, you will end up with a lesser long-lasting lipstick and a glossier finish. Always give the lip balm some time to settle in while you do your face or your hair.

How To Get A Perfect Red Lip
Outline! Very important. If you don't want your lipstick to bleed throughout the day, to last long and look defined, always line your lips with the same colour as your lipstick with a freshly sharpened lip pencil. 

How To Get A Perfect Red Lip
Fill in your lips with a lip brush using your favourite red lipstick. Again a lip brush gives you more precision, but if you have a steady hand you can skip using the lip brush. Here I have mixed two red lipsticks to create my perfect shade: NYX Round Lipstick in Chic Red and Astor Heidi Klum Lipstick in Sexy.

How To Get A Perfect Red Lip
Call this the secret step! This will do wonders to your look. Grab a concealer, I used Illamasqua Under Eye Concealer and outline just outside your lips with a concealer brush. This is going to give you a crisp finish as well as highlight your lips.

How To Get A Perfect Red Lip
Then of course, blend the concealer very well and you are done.

So ladies give these steps a try next time and trust me you will notice a huge difference! You will never go wrong with a red lip. ;)

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