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New Winter Skincare - First Impressions + Giveaway Winner

New Winter Skincare - First Impressions

Everytime winter takes toll, my skin goes all crazy. I have a combination skin and as soon it gets cold here, my skin gets dry and flaky around my cheeks and it is the hardest thing to keep a balance between my t-zone and u-zone, because of which I end up with breakouts all through the season. 

Last year I found a product that I thought was working for my skin the Aveeno Moisturising Lotion but for some reason it ignited the situation this winter. I have had my go at most moisturisers but nothing comes close to giving me hydration, yet not clogging my pores. 

Most of my skincare comprised of drugstore products, this year I decided to raise the bench a little higher and did more than a week's research over a whole new skincare routine. In it, my major, major help was the Jennypurr blog. Her skin is kinda similar to mine but apart from that her knowledge about skincare is indeed vast. I stalk her daily and read each of her post word to word. Trust me they are so enlightening. I learned a lot of new stuff. And on top of that she was so kind to reply to my skincare query and guide me in choosing the right products.

I would like to explain here, I don't have really bad acne. I just experience slight congestion around my cheek area due to dryness and clogged pores. I LOVE clear skin (who doesn't, I know!). But I am one of those people who do not cake up foundation on imperfect skin. The idea of covering all those pesky spots makes me cringe and for me if my skin is unclear it needs to breath, unless there is a do or die situation. I like my foundation to go all smooth and flawless that is why to get that bump-free surface I decided its time for drastic measures. Not to mention, dry skin does irk the hell outta me.

I guess enough with the babbling. It has not been over a month since I included these products into my skincare routine that is why it is more of a first impressions post. 

I had no intention of buying this, it just came with the trial Aveda kit, which I opted for instead of going for the full 150ml version. To be honest, I prefer deep cleansers. I have my micellar waters and makeup wipes to clean from the surface, and this just does not cleanse deeply. I need to follow up with something or use this twice or thrice.

This thing is a wonder in a tube. I had no idea that a spot treatment could be this effective. I apply this stuff over the distressed area and by morning if there had been an pimple it dries out and the redness is all gone. Although this cream is super-duper drying, so either top it up with a moisturiser or like I do, next day skip this and moisturise that area since dryness also tends to breed acne.

Well, not really part of my clearing-skin routine but I definitely needed a new eye cream and splurged on this one. It feel pretty luxurious and is so beautifully hydrating, not too greasy, not too heavy, just perfect. As for dark circles..nope it didn't make any difference to them but I don't even expect any cream to do any more lol.

This serum is pretty handy to keep acne at bay. I kinda dislike the size. 15ml is pretty small, if I am applying it on my troubled areas daily, especially my cheeks and chin. Apart from that, it has such a refreshing, cooling sensation and it does help in keeping skin congestion-free. Pricey for the size..yes, but I am addicted!

This luxuriously packaged glass bottle contains a serum that is wondrously super hydrating and yet does not clog any pores. It combats any dryness, sinks into the skin nicely and leaves the area so smooth. Although I do avoid using it on my t-zone, since I am always topping up with a moisturiser.

A very lightweight, fragrance-free gel with a milky texture this moisturiser is something I won't stop re-purchasing. In winters with my Caudalie Vinosource Thirst Quenching Serum under, it carries on with the hydrating process pretty fine and does not feel heavy. Sometimes, I do use it in the daytime alone and it keeps me combination skin well moisturised.

This is a very recent addition to my range, I got it just 3-4 days back, so I can say the least about it for now. But I do find that it does what it claims, it has a mattifying effect, still it keeps both my t-zone and u-zone hydrated the way they want it. I switch between this and my Aveda All-Sensitive Moisturiser sometimes.

Well, that is all for my current skincare routine geared towards a clean, acne-free, fresh complexion. Have you tried any of these products?

And the winner for my Rouge Bunny Rouge Giveaway is:

Congratulations Sally A.! Your prize has been shipped out.

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