Rouge Bunny Rouge Highlighter Brush 014 - Review

Rouge Bunny Rouge Highlighter Brush 014

This brush has been created specifically for our liquid & powder textures. Our Highlighter Brush allows you to evenly apply the Highlighting Liquid, as well as any of our liquid or powder products, including foundations. You can use this professional tool for local applications (concealers, colour correctors), too. The voluminous, oval shape of the brush head, combined with synthetic bristles of medium hardness, provides an excellent result, allowing a perfectly smooth application.

$40.90£24.92 ,€30.00 | Rouge Bunny Rouge

RBR Highlighter Brush 014 is made of synthetic hair and has a very comfortable black wooden handle.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Highlighter Brush 014
 Rouge Bunny Rouge Highlighter Brush 014

You must have already read me raving about my recent RBR Blender Brush reviewed here, which I am also giving away to one of you, so make sure you have entered since the giveway ends tomorrow. Anyways, back to what I was saying I fell in love with the very different Blender Brush 016 and without putting you all in suspense I have fallen in love with this one even more. 

RBR Highlighter Brush 014 is like your typical highlighter brush but better. I really enjoy the softness of RBR brushes, they are super duper amazing, my Sigma ones do not even compare to their softness, I can feel Sigma on my face and some brushes are slightly coarse but both the RBR brushes that I have tried are like velvet on my face.

The bristles are tightly packed and nicely stiff to pick the product. I apply both powder or liquid highlighter with this brush. For powder I just pick the product from my compact and tap it on my cheekbones, bridge of the nose, under my eyebrows and wherever I need to highlight. For liquid I dot the highlighter on my face and then continue blending with this brush. In both cases, it does the job really well.

The brush is also quite mutli-purpose. Apart from using it for highlighting, it can be used to apply concealer or pack eyeshadow on your lid and even for slight contouring.

No doubt, the brush comes with a hefty price tag and personally I might not spend this much on a brush if I am getting a cheaper option for somewhat similar quality.

It is an incredible highlighter brush and I loveee how soft it feels on the face and yet does the job.

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  1. This brush looks stunning! I don't have a brush for highlighting in particular so this would be perfect for me as I am gaining quite a collection of highlighters lol
    lots of love,
    Laura x

  2. this is a good one, i usually use an angled or pointed brush for highlighting now i'd like to use this

    followed you from
    do check it out and follow back :)

  3. Informative! I've been wanting one so bad after reading this review I'l definitely go for it :D

  4. It's good that it's a multi purpose brush but the price of it is a bit of a killer. :( x

  5. Looks great to me but very expensive :(

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  7. The brush looks great hun but the price tag can give me a heart attack....xoxoxoxo....:D

  8. I totally love the look of this brush! How I wish it was just a li'l bit cheaper ;)

  9. I agree with ever word. RBR brushes are really underrated. Thats one of my beloved brushes too

  10. This looks lovely as a little tool:)


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