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January Favourites

January Favourites

Surprisingly, last month's favourites are all new products that I got in January. I found that really fascinating once I had compiled the list unknowingly. So here you go with my recent obsessions!

1. Astor Perfect Stay Nail Polish in 'Devil In Me' | Astor Cosmetics
If you have seen yesterday's post, you will agree that this nail polish would make to anybody's favourites in all its royal blue matte metallic glory.

2. Catrice Infinite Shine Lip Glosses | Kosmetik Kosmo
I bought two shades of these new releases on a whim two weeks back, Strawberry Secret and Mission PINKpossible, and I have fallen in love with their long-lasting, glossy formula and colours. These are my new favourite things now. SUPER AMAZING!

3. Salcura Antiac Daily Face Wash | Feel Unique
Another product that just came into my hands recently but oh-boy-boy using it morning and night has got me addicted to its incredible scent. Trust me when I say a face wash can never smell better than this..AAH! On top of that it doesn't disturb the skin's pH level or dries it out, yet cleans the face perfectly.

4. Sleek Face Form in 'Light' | Sleek Makeup
Why didn't I get this last year man? I love Sleek, we all do! Yet I rarely spend on them. Too bad! It needs to change, since this kit is perfect with its not-to-orangey contour, champagne highlighter and the infamous Rose Gold blush.

5. Chanel Chance EdT | Sephora
Any of you who have taken a whiff of this perfume, would know how easy it is to get obsessed with its smell. Mmm-hmm! I can't get over with how Chanel-ish, how sultry, how sophisticated this scent is. Hands down my favourite perfume so far!

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