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RSL Acne Be Gone Treatment Cream - Review

Acne Be Gone Night Treatment Cream treats emerging acne & prevents blackheads.
Infused with Alpha Hydroxy Acid and Beta Hydroxy Acid to hydrate, penetrate and repair the skin from acne. For best results use twice daily after Acne Be Gone Acne Face Wash.

PKR 150 | Just4girls, Beauty Arena

The tube contains 60ml of product. You can read more about the brand I Love RSL in my recent review here.

Yesterday, I reviewed the face wash from the RSL's Acne Be Gone range. Today, I have their Acne Treatment Cream with me.

A sky-blue press-tube which when squeezed, exudes a thick white cream. To be honest, when I first felt this cream I was sure it was not gonna do anything. When I applied it after washing my face, I found it slightly heavy and greasy. It had a very uncomfortable feel for the first 5 minutes when it was probably settling. Surprisingly, I woke up to find all tiny red bumps subsided. Since that day, I have been using this cream daily. Although, yes in the beginning it still feels heavy on the skin.

I also think for combination skin it works best in summers and milder weather, since it is not too moisturisng and does not do anything for dry, flaky areas. As for oily skin if they find it too heavy in summers, they'd surely enjoy it in winter.

On the whole, as an acne treatment cream it does the job, reducing redness and spots and discouraging any more breakouts. I wish it had a better formula. It doesn't feel comfortable on the skin, a gel or serum-like consistency would have been great. And I also wish it dealt with the dry patches too, then it would have become my perfect face cream.


It definitely needs some improving on the formula but I am glad it does help with occasional breakouts.

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