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How To Apply Nail Stickers - Tutorial

Nail stickers are one of the easiest and quickest way to do nail art and yet look like you have spent an hour getting a nail manicure. Beginners may find applying nail stickers a bit of a work in the start but when you get the hang of it I can bet you will end up choosing them over a coat of nail polish.

Easy ain't it? Now just go ahead order your favourite nail stickers and get started.

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  1. Awesome job. I wish I knew this my first time. I didn't file it down & had now idea what to do. Hehe. :] // ☼

  2. Perfect tutorial my friend..keep sharing more :)

  3. Thank you, that was super helpful!

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  4. Thank you so much for the tutorial! Please do more like these. P.S. the stickers are so cute!


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