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Nanshy now at Douglas + Review

Are you a fan of Nanshy brushes? And do you live in Germany? Good news folks..Nanshy is now available at Douglas. Yaay! I am pretty thrilled. I did a review on some Nanshy brushes a while back and with their amazing quality and affordable prices all I wanted was to grab some more of their makeup brushes. All makeup addicts know there is no limit to how many makeup brushes you can have! They get dirty in a sec and we lazy people take forever to clean them. Best idea, hoard them! ;)

Wanna get your paws on some Nanshy? Just click this link! And..if you are not in Germany, don't fret, you can still buy your brushes from the official Nanshy website. They deliver worldwide.

And to my rapidly-growing Nanshy collection I have two more makeup brushes to add plus a beauty sponge. 

Marvel 4 in 1 Makeup Blending Sponge | Buy at Nanshy, Douglas
If you have not been living under a rock, you'd already how the Beauty Blender has taken the makeup world by a storm. It's everywhere! For applying foundation to blending contour lines, from setting under eyes to concealing imperfections, it does most of our work now. But priced at $20 it is not the cheapest sponge out there and believe it or not some dupes just work fine, like this Nanshy's Marvel Makeup Sponge. It is latex-free, non-allergenic and works equally well with cream, liquid and powder products.

The flattened top is perfect for those hard-to-reach corners on your face, especially really getting into that under-eye. It is extremely soft and does wonders to makeup application. I love how I can give my foundation a more natural look just by blending it out with this sponge damp. And how can we forget baking..that little flat top is ideal for placing loose powder exactly where you want it.

And if you haven't used a makeup sponge before, make sure you rinse it, squeeze out excess water and then use it damp. This way it doesn't eat much product and actually does what it is supposed to do.

Nanshy Pencil Brush | Buy at Nanshy, Douglas
Almost all Nanshy makeup brushes are availabe in two different shades of handle, Onyx Black and Pearlescent White. I chose the white because it is very distinctive and more Nanshy-ishThis pencil brush is also available as part of the Masterful Collection Set.

This brush is best for precise application of eyeshadows, on your outer-V, for a cut-crease or on your lower lash line.It is able to densely put eyeshadow on the exact spot. I enjoy darkening my outer crease with this. The brush is firm yet soft, though I do think it could be a tad bit more gentle. Still, I can't do my makeup without precise eye brushes, I NEED them all the time and this definitely has become one of my staples.

Nanshy Precise Bent Eyeliner | Buy at Nanshy, Douglas
For a very, very long time I have been wanting to try the bent eyeliner brush. I use a pointed brush for my gel eyeliner, very rarely a slanted one. So I was pretty sure I was gonna enjoy this Bent Eyeliner Brush. It has very stiff and densely packed bristles, very important with eyeliner brushes. I hate it when eyeliner brushes are not firm and going all over the place. This particular brush helps me achieve the thinnest of lines and works wonderfully with all kinds of liners.

Also I am very impressed with the bristles of these brushes, they don't shed much. I have had the others for over a year now and they have gone through countless washing and cleaning sessions but still look like new. 

I genuinely think everyone needs to give these amazing Nanshy makeup brushes a try. They are inexpensive yet so fabulous!

  The Feminine Crusade 

Disclaimer: This product(s) was sent to me for consideration to review. I was not paid for this review,  I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the product(s) was free does not influence my opinion at all.
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