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The Body Shop – Born Lippy Balm

“Tempting fruity flavor in a travel-ready pot.”

Though I love makeup I like to keep my face as natural as possible. So I don’t put on lipsticks and glosses 24/7, even if I buy them a lot. There are many low-priced lip balms available in Pakistan like the sliders and fruity lip balms. But let me also say all good things come with a price. There’s always a difference between the quality.

This Born Lippy Balm comes in different flavours of strawberry, raspberry, watermelon, pink guava etc tetra. 

Its key ingredients include:

Organic beeswax – Moisturizes and helps to condition dry skin, especially on your lips and around the fingernail beds. Acts as a barrier that helps to seal in moisture.

Lanolin – Is one of nature's richest moisturizers. It is readily absorbed by the skin and so provides good protection for rough, dry hands.

Raspberry extract – Helps provide a natural fruity flavor.

For myself, I bought the Raspberry Born Lippy.

This balm comes in a tiny 10ml pot, which I find very cute. Though it looks quite miniature in size compared to its price but trust me it goes on for more than 4 months. I use it twice a day. I find its slight natural glossy finish very appealing. It moistens my lips but is not at all sticky.  It feels smooth and soft. If you don't lick your lips or eat anything, this  lip balm can stay on for as long as 5 hours. It has got a nice fruity scent of raspberries which is not overwhelming. It  tastes like Vaseline, only flavoured. My raspberry lip balm leaves a  very light, almost non-existent pink shade on my lips. I  would have liked it better if it left a little more colour. For people who like a little more colour in balms, I suggest them the Strawberry Born Lippy which is kind of red.

I bought this lip balm for Rs. 590 from The Body Shop, but upon checking later it was available for Rs. 545 at Al-Fatah

My Overall Opinion:
Raspberry Born Lippy is my cutest prized possession. It is a luxury to indulge in.

Have you tried the The Body Shop Born Lippy Balm?
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