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Luscious Ultra Shine Lip Gloss

This is my first blog post. So I am going to review my first love – lip gloss. I absolutely love lip glosses even more than lipsticks. They are my favourite makeup item.

This review is on, Luscious Ultra Shine Lip Gloss - Delight
Months ago while surfing other make up blogs I came to know that Luscious owns one of the best lip glosses and that too economical. I had too much of the sheer everyday-look lip glosses so to confirm the rumour I went out and bought one. First I was confused among the varied fascinating assortment of colours; but managed to decide upon “Delight”. It’s mentioned on their website that it is ‘rose pink.’ So while testing, its plum pinkish and a light reddish shade caught my eye. I found the colour really different. And frankly speaking I was so tired of all the typical pinks.

It comes in a cute black coloured packing as you can see in the picture. The bottle itself is very fetching.

On application, this lip gloss is not at all sheer. It has got fine glittering specks which are not too showy. The lip gloss is gooey but not heavy on the lips as some glosses tend to be. It is dense enough that you don’t require a lipstick underneath. It gives you a full made lips effect without any lipstick. So you can easily jazz up your look on a party with just a coat.  I liked its light bubblegum type scent and it even tasted good.  

Moreover, its applicator was different too (picture on the right). It is shaped like a brush which gives easy and steady application. Its staying power is also more than other lip glosses. It stayed on my lips for full 3 hours and even after it did not completely fade away. 

Luscious says;
“Turn on the shine with Luscious Ultrashine Lip Gloss. In an array of gorgeous super-shiny shades that add a glistening splash of color with a delicious fruity scent. Coat lips with a shot of ultra-glam that goes on smooth and fast with a silky brush applicator that keeps you in perfect control. Protects and nourishes your lips with the powerful antioxidant vitamins A, C and E.”

Surprisingly, with all the above qualities Luscious Ultra Shine Lip Gloss is very economically priced and easily available all over Pakistan. I got it for Rs. 395 from Al-Fatah. You can even order it online on their website: 

My overall opinion:
This is has been the lip gloss which I had been searching all over in other brands. I simply love it! With its almost-perfect results and inexpensive price it is a MUST-HAVE. I’d rate it 9 on 10.

What is your say on Luscious Ultra Shine Lip Gloss?


  1. hi'
    Nice blog:)Keep up the good work.I am a new follower of your blog.Also from Karachi.
    Would really appreciate it , if you can follow my blog as well.

  2. Thank you so much Shahtaj =)

  3. Hi n welcome to the world of blogging,I saw ur comment on my post & joined urs as well:)Good to have more Paki bloggers :)Thats a great post by u:)

  4. Thanks a lot, that sure encourages me =D

  5. I like lip gloss since they will make look someone fresh and young.

    Elite Eye Serum

  6. sizzlinghinanaz - It is a tad bit sticky. I never have found it heavy. But cosmetics are personal things, one product doesn't work out the same way on everybody. :)

  7. I'll definitely be checking out Luscious lip glosses in my next shopping venture! xx


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