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My Favourite Shampoos

Ever wondered which shampoo to use? How to manage unruly, frizzy, dry hair?
Today in my post I will review three of my favourite shampoos best to treat lifeless, unmanageable hair and if not that then to give your already pretty hair an extra boost.

Cashmere Touch, Mirror-Shine
250 ml ~ PKR 300 

Elvive Nutri-Gloss is for long, dull hair which promises to revive the brilliance in your hair. It comes with technological innovation of Pearl Protein, the element that gives your hair their shine and resistance. The Pearl Protein penetrates the hair to give targeted nutrition in the fibre, without weighing down your hair. And your hair feels so great to touch. This shampoo smells awesomely nice.

200 ml ~ PKR 379

This is a 2-in-1 anti-dandruff shampoo plus conditioner. But it isn't purely an anti-dandruff shampoo; it can be used in place of a regular shampoo too. It is an effective light and gentle shampoo that cleanses and prevents anti-dandruff leaving hair healthy and shiny. It is a very mild shampoo that on days I have oiled my hair I have to use it thrice to get my hair cleaned.

200 ml ~ PKR 215

This is again a shine reflecting shampoo for normal hair. It contains berry, tree and orange flower extracts. All these natural ingredients give your hair a gleam. I really like the translucent light-green coloured shampoo that comes out of the bottle.

Out out these three, the shampoo that I love the most and can't stop buying is L'OREAL ELVIVE NUTRI-GLOSS. It really nourishes your hair leaving them frizz-free, revived and bouncy.

For the heated, humid Summer hope this review helps you to make the best choice for your hair.

What's your favourite shampoo?
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