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Classics - 3 Spunky Nail Colours

Price: PKR 105 each
Available in most stores of Pakistan.

They are really spunky colours that I jazz up with various outfits. I have these polishes for at least a year and they still have not dried out or clotted even a bit. The polish applies very smoothly. Though after 2 days the nail polish starts to chip off but I don't wear polishes for more than 3 days so it does not bother me.

No. 26

A very delectable pink this shade looks flattering on almost all skin tones. It's not a typical pink; cute and vivid  it's the perfect colour for Spring. I achieved this colour with only one coat of the polish. Surprising, ain't it?

No. 25

A little on the dark side than lilac, it reminds me of Orchids. I simple love wearing it. It does not have any glitter/shimmer and is all matte. Matte colours tend to go with various skin tones. One coat again!

Sorry I took off the label :s

This could be described as something lighter than the perfect forest green. It has slight shimmer in it. Which is why I don't really like this colour. It makes my hands look dark. But on a whim of possessing some green colour I just bought it. This polish is sheerer than the other two. Still I managed this shade with two coats.

If on a small budget, these three are really fun colours to add in your Nail Lacquer Collection!

What is the spunkiest nail colour you have?


  1. They are beautiful. From where did you get?

  2. @ Shy Cheeeks, Shahtaj - Thank you :D

    @ Rabeeyah - I got them from Al-Fatah. But I guess most stores keep them! =)

  3. such pretty colours babe thanks for sharing

  4. @ Mehvish - My pleasure :)

  5. Oh, I like the green one!


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