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Palladio Plump ‘N’ Shine Lip Gloss

"With herbal enrichments as well as Collagen and Maxi-Lip Formula, our Plump ‘N Shine glosses boast the benefits of doctor-administered treatments in a safe, needle-free formula.  Ingredients are absorbed instantly into the lips and begin plumping on contact (evident by a slight tingling sensation). Aloe Vera and Vitamin E maintain hydration to keep the mouth looking sleek and sexy."

Sheerly Pink PLP04

Price: 375 PKR (in some shops it is of 480 PKR)

Bought from: Potpourri, Fortress (Lhr)

The gloss is a light rustic red I don’t know why it’s called sheerly pink. It is pretty, pretty sheer. It gives a sheen to your lips in a light burgundy tinge, which looks very natural. So for an everyday look this gloss works out really well. But it is more like a glossy lip balm. You need to reapply it as it comes off in an hour. It creates a super effect if combined with a lipstick.

It smells like mint and toffee. I really like the combination, it’s so tempting. It has a smooth easy-to-apply brush applicator.

Now for the plumping part, my lips are already full so I didn't feel any major plumping. Though, I absolutely love the feel of this lip gloss. It tastes minty, and feels so cool on the lips. I can even feel a light tingling sensation which is so freshening.

I like to keep my face as natural as possible. So before going to work I often apply this lip gloss.

It’s pretty cheap so for this price I’ll definitely try another colour in this range!

Have you tried any Palladio product?
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