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Blog of the Week #2

I browsed upon this blog one day and what hit my eye instantly were the mirage of metallic-red painted nails (which she called the Christmassy looking manicure), it was also the one thing keeping me from hitting the home button. To mesmerise an onlooker like that is a feat in itself and it is because of this that I give the blogger full points. So today's Blog of the Week is

Swatchaholic - The Disneyworld of Nail Manicures

Jeanette is a nail polish blogger from Germany. What’s amazing about this particular nail polish blog is that with all her nail posts we get so many other things to complete the meal like previews, makeup swatches, hand care, tutorials etc. From feminine to casual to funky, there’s not a nail colour or high-end brand you’ll miss. China Glaze, Essie, Chanel, OPI, Lancome, Illamasqua, Zoya, you name it and it's there. The beautiful precision with which she applies the polish and the style with which she shoots the pictures is a commendation only onto her . Each colour makes you fall in love with it because she brings out the best in it, making it look 10 times more beautiful.

And here's a fun-fact that for me gives her the edge: she replies to EACH and EVERY comment. I love bloggers who do that!

My Favourite Post

I just couldn't pick one. This last metallic-red manicure was her first post that I saw. And for the rest of them, well I couldn't stop myself from going to back to her blog and feast my eyes with these nail images again.

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  1. Very pretty the polish swatches

  2. Aw thanks for following my blog =]
    And omg I love her blog soo much! Just like you I also adore bloggers who take the time out to reply to comments =] Its so sweet =]

  3. lOVELY i LL check her blog :)

  4. @Beautyshades - That's why it is Blog of the Week ;)

    @Sara - So true! I mean when people comment they like to know they are heard.

    @Areej Usman - Do! I am sure you'll love it too.

  5. I loveee the gold-ish manicureee =]

  6. Omg omg omg thank you so so much Shang J.! :) You made my day.. my week! :)

  7. @ThisIsAlx - Yeah it is totally classy! ^^

    @the-swatchaholic - Hahah! Really? Now I am so flattered.

  8. these polish colors are gorgeous!! love them all <3

  9. Love all these colours! I am a big fan of nail polish :) thanks you for stopping by my blog :)

    Love, Vanilla

  10. Yeah! I love her blog, too! ;D

    Yours is also great!
    btw, I added your blog to my blog roll!!

  11. @augustalolita - Yeah I wish I had at least half of this collection ;)

    @Vanilla, Naildrella - Nail polish blogs are so fun to surf around. Thank you for commenting! =)


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