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John Frieda - FRIZZ-EASE® Hair Serum Thermal Protection Formula

In Summer most of us face hair problems. Hair tend to get greasy, dry or frizzy. And another very common hair issue is hair damage because of heat-styling and hair colour. To eliminate some of your problems, today I am going to review John Frieda Frizz-Ease Hair Serum.

There are four serums in this line out of which I bought the one which gives Thermal Protection while de-frizzing. It also claims that it protects against colour fading.

With a Thermal Shield Complex, protective formula safeguards strands and creates a layer of protective gloss.
Instantly shields all hair styles against the damaging effects of heat styling that can cause frizz and UV exposure.
Makes hair smooth and silky with vibrant shine whether you style straight or curly.
Minimizes color fading.

Directions to use:
Apply to SOAKING WET HAIR. Use sparingly, dispensing a dime-size amount of serum into palm. Rub hands together and distribute evenly throughout hair. AVOID applying directly to ROOTS. Use more or less depending on hair length and thickness. Can also be used on DRY HAIR to smooth, shine and protect. DO NOT RINSE OUT.

Price: PKR 695 per 50ml

Bought from: Al-Fatah

Buy online HERE

First I’d like to tell you I don’t use much of hair serum, because most of the days now my hair are perfectly fine and healthy and I have got naturally straight hair (not dead-straight). This hair serum has worked out better than all my last purchases which is a bonus. I bought this mainly as a heat protectant. I use it before ironing/curling my hair. Honestly, I heat-style very seldom so I just can’t really tell you if it has lessened hair damage or not, because my hair are not a victim of excessive heat. But yes applying it does give me a peace of mind. Now for the frizz part, I prefer to apply the serum after towel-drying concentrating more on the ends. Serum works best on half-wet hair and yes after drying, my hair feel smoother, definitely glossier and they do not weigh down. Plus, when I apply on tower-dried hair there is no frizziness at all. But there are bad hair days too (maybe when I don’t care to apply serum after washing) and my hair seems tangled and dry. Then I apply the serum on dried hair, and to some tiny extent the frizz, dryness is controlled, but not as perfectly as I would want.  To get best results, use it on towel-dried hair. Either way, the serum is not greasy at all. Just use a tiny amount, DO NOT use too much or you’ll end up with lifeless hair.

I don’t use any kind of hair colour so I can’t say anything about colour fading.

The bottle comes very effectively packed. It has a pump nozzle. I like the way you can lock the bottle's nozzle turning it to one side. It smells great, subtle and luxurious.

I’d consider this hair serum a good investment for all hair types. It protects, de-frizzes and makes your hair shine.

What's saves your hair in Summer?
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