May - Top 8

Hey Beauty Lovers!

This is my first post on ‘Favourites’. I have short-listed 8 of my favourite products of May in random order. Go ahead take a look!

2.   A mini Lipstick from the BEAUTY BASICS Makeup Kit

Well, as you can see the lipstick is a beautiful pink. Not too dark, not too light. I keep on applying this with a transparent gloss. And I absolutely love it.

3.   Sleek MakeUP Pout Polish in Electro Peach (Read review HERE)

4.   Sleek MakeUP blush in Pan Tao (Read review HERE)

5.   Cosmeceutique Under Eye Gel (Read review HERE)

6.   Saeed Ghani Skin Polish

Though I have not used much of it. But still whenever I use it I feel fresh and my skin feels so clean. I keep it in the fridge which adds to the refreshing sensation. 

7.   Luscious Incredible Lash Mascara

This is my favourite mascara so far. It actually lengthens my tiny eye-lashes, and manages to give some volume too. But being a waterproof masacara it takes time to take it off.

Kryolan Aquacolor Cake Eye liner

It has been ages I have used any other eye liner; except for a pencil one on rare occasions. What I like about this is that I can lighten it or darken it however I want. I am more of an eye-liner person than a kajal one. I use this throughout the month. And even in this hot, humid weather the eye-liner doesn't smudge or crease on my eyes.

So these were my Top 8 for the month of May. Hope you enjoyed reading about them. If you want me to review any of these products let me know in the comment section below.


  1. kryolan cake liners are the best. no doubt

  2. nice blog shang . .!! luv d products too . . u hav a new follower. ..

    please follow my blog too -

  3. Gorgeous favs hun!thanks for sharing,love teses posts!


  4. Do Review about Saeed Ghani's skin polish plz.. Iam curius About it

  5. loved d favs !! nice blog gal..followin check out mine :)

  6. great favourites! the lipstick looks lovely

  7. I'm new to your blog and so far I love it. Great post. I don't have any of these but they do look great. I love the lipstick shade and the cake eyeliner is so cool. I want one. :)

  8. @De Frozen - I'm using it since a year and never ever felt the need to buy anything else. ^^

    @Areej Usman - Thank you! =)

    @Rids - Thanks! Following you back.

    @Blushingloves Irene Greece - Aww! Thanks so much.

    @K.A - Sure! Stay tuned I'll review it very soon. =)

    @Bhumika - Thanks for dropping by! ^^

    @Pretty Wonderful - Yeah! I have never seen a better nude pink; at least for me ;)

    @Ms. Prettyful Girl - Thank you hon! That's why they are in my faves =D

  9. Nice :D Lovely things!

  10. Isn't the F80 amazing?

  11. Great picks! I want to try that kabuki brush. and that lipstick looks great on you! =)


  12. Great Favs! I love the brush too! Loving your blog doll!! xo

  13. @Rabeeyah - Thankks! ^_^

    @Gaby - It's super duper amazing =D

    @D.Sadie - Thank you! Stay tuned I'll be reviewing this F80 brush next.

    @Madiha - Thank you! =)

    @Taj Acosta - Yeah! It's the best foundation brush ever. Thank you for commenting.

  14. I use that brush too. It's such a great brush for foundation.

    Really like the lipstick. The color is gorgeous.:)

  15. That lipstick looks so pretty! I like the color.

    Love your blog! :)

  16. Ooooh Pan Tao love it! The brush looks really great, cant wait for the review!

  17. @Sakura - Thanks! Yeah it's so C.O.O.L ;)

    @Azu - Thank you girl ^_^

    @Amalia J - Pan tao is such a flattering colour on the cheeks. The review has been posted, you can check it out. =)

  18. Lovely picks :) the lipstick looks so pretty

  19. Hi girl! You have a cute blog there ;)

    Ah I must have a look on Kryolan products! There's something about the brand that ensures a proffesional finish. That cake eyeliner is just unique!


  20. @Sara. H - Thank you ^_^

    @cbsg5861 - Aww! Thanks. I love this cake eye liner and nothing can sway me from it even the so-popular Maybelline Gel Liner.


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