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Saturday's Regular - Blog of the Week

Hey ladies! I am just here with a quick update about a post I'd be doing every Saturday. And I am all high about it!

There so many blogs that I love to stalk. They inpsire me, they are my shopping guide and when I am going through them I wish I was as good. Some have the fun-nest of writings, some have photography that mesmerizes me or some bloggers have such striking-looking FOTDs and all that I cant stop chasing them. But in the end these all are beauty blogs. I want everybody who's following me or reads my blog to know more about these super-amazing bloggers out there. (Not that people already don't know about them) So every Saturday I'll be posting about a blog that I love to stalk. (Hope I can keep up with the pace of meeting a deadline every Saturday *_*) And if you are here in this section, then I definitely love your blog ^_^

Stay tuned for this Saturday's

Maybe that blog is yours. ;) (Lol! I sound like a tv commercial)

Shang J.

P.S: Let me know what do you think of this?
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