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Blog of the Week #3

This particular blog stood apart the day I first saw it and continues to stand apart from all others to this day. It is its sheer magic that literally torments me as a fellow blogger. And will leave you starstruck. What makes the blogger’s every post even more enchanting is that each buds off from a carefully chosen inspiration, be it a piece of jewellery or a certain movie. I bring to you Blog of the Week # 3 :

Padmita’s Make Up Blog – Bringing the Most Outrageous of Fantasies to Life

Padmita is a make up blogger from Germany. She excels in the eye looks that she creates. Her blog is a recluse for every make up fan and aspiring make up blogger. Or rather I should say that she has made for all of her followers a whole territory of eye make up from which to copy, learn or just look at them for the heck of it. Also at the end of every look is a brisk, no-nonsense list of products used in the concerned post.

The cherry on the top is the endearing names that she gives to each of her look and that I absolutely love. The one that made me go wow was “Oasis”.

My Favourite Post
This is the look that has dazzled me the most.

And I love this 'Pakistani bride inspired look' just because it is Pakistani. ;)

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  1. Definitely checking out her blog, thanks for sharing :)

    Love Christine ♥

  2. wow .. amazing and perfect make up!

  3. I love her makeup too :D Thanks for sharing <3

  4. Very artistic. She is perfect.

  5. Thank you for commenting. She sure is outrageously amazing ;)

  6. Wow I haven't come across her blog yet so thanks so much for this! I'l def be checking her page out now =]

  7. God I love her blog :) Great post! <3

  8. @Sara ♥'s - You are welcome. Do out check out her blog.

    @Sara.H - Thank you! I am so impressed myself ;)

  9. So gorgeous! I love the e/s used! :)

  10. Thank you so much for featuring my blog (:!!

  11. @Teli - Yeah she does amazing work!

    @Padmita - My pleasure ♥

  12. wow she is really talented!!! following her now :)))

  13. hi just follow ya, hope u will follow back ;)

  14. Aww that is so kind of you to do these posts for up and coming blogs
    I like seeing things like this so I can check out new blogs(:
    She is very talented

    <3 BB

  15. @Maryam - Wish I was as talented as her :|

    @aMz88 - Following you back, girl!

    @BeautyBehaved - Yeah! That is the reason I do it. To honour my favourite blogs and let more people know about them. =)


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