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Queen Cosmetics Special Christmas Gifts

Originally created by three eminent dermatologists in 1927, Queen Cosmetics has specialised in caring for the individual needs of those with sensitive skin for over 80 years.  Understanding just how hard it is for sensitive skin sufferers to find products that suit their individual needs, Queen Cosmetics treats each and every customer as an individual.  The company takes the time to discuss a customer’s specific skin problem, if required, and them guides them to the most suitable, effective Queen Cosmetics product for their individual requirements.  The company also provides a ‘Try Before You Buy’ facility allowing customers to sample products before making larger purchases and if appropriate to a customer’s needs, will even create bespoke formulations! With Queen Cosmetics you can even choose from a selection of container options for what best suits you and your lifestyle.
What other UK skin care company offers so much, at such a competitive price!

Queen Cosmetics lets you create your own Christmas gifts for your loved ones this year by selecting products from the company’s sensitive skin care range.  

If those near and dear to you have sensitive skin, why not give them the ultimate skin care gift this Christmas; a Queen Cosmetics Christmas Gift.  With the freedom to include what you wish from Queen Cosmetics face and body care sensitive skin sensations, you can create a totally personalised gift that’s professionally wrapped and stylishly presented in the company’s signature black box; and a give a gift that truly says ‘I Love You’ this Christmas.   

Queen Cosmetics’ reusable gift box is made from durable, recycled cardboard and ensures your Christmas Gift reflects quality, luxury and desirability.  You can also rest assured that you’re Queen Cosmetics gift is bound to delight those with sensitive, delicate skin. Queen Cosmetics’ products are mild and gentle and don’t include any unnecessary ingredients.  With a belief that the fewer the ingredients used, the less chance of skin irritation, you also won’t find any preservatives, perfumes, masking fragrances or essential oils in Queen Cosmetics’ skin care and make-up products; nor are they tested on animals.   Just simple ingredients for optimum benefit and ideally suited to anyone whose skin reacts to certain skin care products or specific ingredients leaving their skin irritated, inflamed and red.  Queen Cosmetics sensitive skin sensations are also gentle enough to use if suffering from eczema, dermatitis, acne, rosacea or similar skin conditions.

To order your Queen Cosmetics Christmas Gifts, simply select the Queen Cosmetics face and body care products you’d like to give to your loved ones this Christmas and, at no extra cost to you, the company will then do all the hard work, gift wrap your present and even post it along with a card with your personal message if you wish.  With face and body care products to choose from, both skin care and make-up, and prices ranging from £5.00 to £35.95, with Queen Cosmetics you’ll have the opportunity to create a truly special gift for your family and friends this Christmas, whatever your budget.

Isn't it amazing? Order your favourite Queen Cosmetics Christmas Gifts HERE.
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