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NOTD: The Strawberry Finger

I was browsing nail blogs when I saw this mani and I so wanted to re-create it; my youngest sister was lazing nearby and I grabbed her hand. It’s a nail art inspired by strawberries created with the cheapest of polishes and a free hand. It is damn easy to make. I can’t recall the blog I saw this similar mani on, sorry about that.
The cherry red nail polish is neither matte nor glittery, it has glossy finish that I wanted. I have applied only one coat to make it more pink than red. The ring finger is the real winner. The nail tipped with forest green and dotted with spots looks fruity and yet dainty. I did not have a dark green nail colour so I have used a bornprettystore stamping polish, thus the thick gooey effect. I have also smudged the index finger because I just can't wait and be patient enough to let the polish dry.
So well what do you think of this?
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