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Review: Beautyuk Blemish Perfect Concealer

Blemish be gone!
 Apply it over your foundation to finish off the perfect Natural Look!

PKR 550 (£2.49)
I bought it from

This is a stick concealer available in only two colours; Nude and Buff. I bought the lighter shade ‘Nude’.

I have using been the Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer(review here) for quite a while and I thought to give something else a try, because if used daily you will find yourself buying the Rimmel concealer once every month. I saw this Beautyuk concealer on while shopping and just added it to my cart.
Beautyuk Concealer is a stick concealer, looks just like a lipstick. They are great for on-the-spot application.  Most stick concealers that I have used made my under-eye area all cakey. This was not the case with this one. The Beautyuk concealer has a very creamy consistency and is totally odourless. It blends easily, applied with a brush or finger, giving a smooth finish. I really like that about it. But if you are looking for heavy coverage for your under-eyes then this may not be your solution. For me when it comes to everyday usage for concealing dark circles it works fine just that it does not hide them completely. It does a good job when applied over blemishes/dark spots and looks totally natural, doesn’t feel like you are wearing anything at all. It comes in two shades only so finding your perfect match maybe an issue. The one I bought worked out for me quite well.

Surprisingly, I can’t find this concealer anywhere on the Beautyuk official website nor can I get any information online about whether it is discontinuted or what. If you guys know anything enlighten me too.

It is a great concealer for blemishes and for not-so-visible dark circles. I probably won’t repurchase it and would like to try something else that works on my dark under-eye shadows.


  1. looks like it works ok, but its hard to find the perfect concealer

  2. I usually perfer liquid concealers.You can always use a lighter colored foundation as a concealer:)
    Nice review.This concealer works for you.

  3. mmm....a good conceler is a blessing ;)

  4. Fiding the right concealer is a mammoth task dear

  5. looks quite good! i've never heard of this brand so I wouldn't know :(

  6. Hmm,,seems interesting & Nice too :) Thanks for sharing this!

  7. Hi !! Very nice review !! Thank you for following me and for your comment . I am also following you . Kisses!!!

  8. i'm always on a hunt of a prefect concealer and it doesn't sound like the one i need..i'd prefer a heavy coverage concealer!

  9. from the photo, it looks nice! finding the right concealer is quite difficult.. try a cream or liquid concealer that you can find in tubes/pot, i think they're more opaque and creamy.

  10. tube~ i meant in squeeze type tubes

  11. That is a nice and handy tool these days to hide away the stress driven is essential to hide the dark circles for good eye make makeup

  12. that's so lovely! thanks for sharing x

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  13. looks really good! very natural
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    visit <3

  14. it's always hard to find one that is not cakey! thanks for sharing your review on this. I'm following you back dear:]

  15. wow--this product looks amazing!!!

  16. Great Review.
    Thank you for following me now following u back.

  17. Nice review and nice blog:) :)
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  18. Great review,such a shame they don't cater to many skintones

    Loving ur blog,am following xx

  19. nice review, its not easy to find a perfect color to match the skin :(


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