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Gossip Girl Addiction Buys - Headbands from M.i.r.r.or

Lately I got myself addicted to Gossip Girl, and Blair Waldorf’s signature hair accessory the ever-present hundred of headbands got to me. Everywhere I went I had my eyes looking for trendy, quirky Blairish headbands, until I came upon M.i.r.r.o.r Handmade accessories. Saying they provide the exact Gossip-Girl-inspired headbands would obviously be an overstatement but whatever I have seen on the page I was mesmerized into buying something for myself. The right choice and style may help you turn into a divine replica of Blair Waldorf.
For starters, I bought these two headbands, though I was hooked to some cute li’l hair pins too.
L-R PKR 300, PKR 200
It’s so hard to pick a favourite between these. I love the red hot big bow on the first headband, and the aqua band is just too funky. I got the aqua one in sale so it cost me a little less. I have no idea how long lasting or intact they will remain but they sure are pretty things and as long as I have them I will love them.

The bow is not as gigantic as it seems here :P

And not to forget it is so fun to wear your hair down in Winter and these headbands make a totally chic and girlish statement. Unlike me if you are not gaga over Blair, headbands like these would still look super cool.
M.i.r.r.o.r ships their hand-made fashion accessories all over Pakistan, without any courier charges. So in fact you just pay for your order, with no additional charges and you get your stuff safe and sound within a few days.
Check out M.i.r.r.o.r’s handmade collection on their facebook page here.
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