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Love for Vintage Jewelery

Do you see these classic pieces? Aren't they love? I am totally pulled over by the vintage-ness they are exuberating.

1. GOLDEN INDIE EARRINGS (see here) - These antique feather drop earrings would make any outfit grand.

2. GREEK GODDESS COLLAR NECKLACE (see here) - Lately, I am so in love with collar necklaces. Neon colours would be my first choice. But then who can go wrong with black and silver?

3. VINTAGE GOLDEN TREASURE NECKLACE (see here) - vintage necklace with cute embellishments of laces, pearls, golden flowers and milky stones hanging.

4. BUTTERFLY EFFECT RING (see here) -I already own one butterfly ring, and people who see it, LOVE it. Why not add another one?

5. GOLDEN GODDESS CUFF (see here) - This royal gold and the engraved intricate flower patterns, well, well, my wrist is already drooling (if it could).

6. PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN RING (see here) -  I am bonkers over Johny Depp! And this ring, inspired by his movie, what else can I want?

All these pieces are available at Modocat. You can get upto 75% off by using the code FEMININEART. And they also have Blowout Sale going on. So make sure you don't miss it. 

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  1. I'm just loving #3...that gold vintage-y necklace is so beautiful.

    <3 Cambria

  2. Oh...and following you :)

  3. Loving the gold skull ring. Very much my style!

    I follow everyone who follows be back. Also I'm going to be holding a Step Up 4 Giveaway tomorrow so be sure to check out my blog for some great movie goodies.

  4. I really like the choker -- very cute :))


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