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My Top 5 Blushes Under PKR 1000 ($10)

Do you think that the best of blushes can only be found after spending big bucks? I bring you from my collection 5 amazing blushes for under PKR 1000 / $ 10.

Click here to head over to my guest post on Makeup and Macaroons and know more about these blushes.

For my Pakistani readers I have listed the prices and availability of these blushes. Click read more below!

1. Hard Candy Fox in a Box in Spicy & Sweet - Available at Wishlist for PKR 950

2. Beautyuk Stripey Blusher in Pink - Available at for PKR 495

3. Sleek MakeUP Blush in Pan TaoLimited Edition not available any more! Check more shades at for PKR 725

4. Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush in Pink Frosting - Discontinued! Replaced with Dreamy Bouncy Blush. Available at Wishlist for PKR 1000

5. NYX Powder Blush in Pinched -  Available at Beauty Unleashed for PKR 700

Don't forget to read my entire post on here.


  1. ohh i also love nyx blushes...

  2. pan tao is my all time fave, I bought two backups!

  3. great collection :) Hard Candy Hot Flash box is on my wish list but i cant find it anywhere locally yet
    ~aMz/aimee kheir

  4. such a great post :) i love the blushes you have. i love the colours and should definitely try out the nyx ones!
    in btw you have a really nice blog, dear. keep up the amazing work
    and feel free to check out the latest post on my fashionblog as well, if you like :)


  5. Fox in a box and maybe line mousse blush are two of my all time favorite blushes!!

  6. Nice coolection, love all the colors. I have been eyeing the maybelline one for months, looks good enough to eat :D

  7. I really want to try out the blushes from Sleek, been hearing so many wonderful things about them :)


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