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Review: Max Factor False Lash Effect 24 Hours Mascara

Introducing new 24 from False Lash Effect delivering bold volume that lasts as long as you do. Now unstoppable girls can get unstoppable lashes; bold and beautifully separated lashes that are smudge resistant and water resistant for up to 24 hours!

PKR 1300 (approx.) / €10.99
Some good superstores stock Max Factor in Pakistan. You can also order at Wishlist. German readers can find it at DM and Galeria Kaufhof. International readers can find it at Superdrug and Boots online.

From the Max Factor False Lash Effect line I bought 24 Hours False Lash Effect in the colour Black (also available in Black Brown).

Is it falsies in a tube?

Having tiny lashes makes mascara my knight in shining armour. But none of the ones I already own give me that false lash effect that I desire. Except on very casual everydays, I want mascaras that speak for itself.
What isn’t that I haven’t heard about the Max Factor mascaras! They are rated as one of the best out there. So I thought this time what I buy better be worth all my falsies dreams.
Max Factor 24 Hours False Lash Effect and a lash curler equals to HIGH IMPACT LASHES. Instant volume, length and full black lashes was what I saw in the mirror with only one coat. With three to four it can be all the dramatic-ness you want. It does not clump, flake or give spidery lashes. Sadly for some the rest of the story is a downside! The brush is huge, shaped like barrel. No curve-y ends and the very wet formula makes it easier to smudge if not applied CAREFULLY. Also it takes ages to dry. Twice I have ended up with panda eyes just because I either fluttered my lashes or went onto my next chore forgetting all about it. And does it last for 24 hours? Oh yes, swear it does! It clings to the lashes like a glue. The packaging does not say it is waterproof (or I wouldn't have bought it) still it is water-resistant and by the end of the day is as fresh as applied seconds ago. But what a pain to remove. Since all I care for is dramatic lashes I LOVE IT!!

The lighting changed when I took the 'After' picture. :/

This is my HG mascara (for now). I don’t care if it has a big brush or it takes time to dry or it refuses to budge without 4 oily cotton swabs.


  1. Looks pretty good. I've heard about the brands smokey lash mascara but couldn't find it anywhere. I'll check out the store Wishlist :)

  2. Ooh this looks good! Max Factor has always had some good stuff but I never see much action going on with them promoting their products online or anything which is a shame because I see so many magazine editors recommending their products!

    1. Surprisingly, I also didn't know much about their reputation while I was in Pakistan.

  3. This looks really good, I am glad I got to see before and after pics as I was eyeing this up in Superdrug the other day.



    Em's Mixed Bag

  4. I used this too and after about the 4th or 5th time I noticed it dried up a bit and it was easier to apply as it wasn't so wet and smudgy. It's a fabulous mascara :)


  5. Max Factor does great mascaras! I used to have the original False Lash Effect one. :)

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

    1. I have heard the original one is better than this. :)

  6. this reminds me alot of maybellines falsies in the pictures! too bad it isnt widely available here :(

  7. wow!it really gives the lashes much density and volume~ Loves! same with nayabloves it does reminds me of the maybellines falsies as well.

  8. when ur satisfied with a product nothing messy matters:)

  9. wow.. it is looking nice girl <3

  10. Max factor never disappoint me as well :) excellent product

  11. Difference is clear in both eyes. It works good <3

  12. I think it works great on you:)

  13. I've heard a lot about this one, but never saw a before-and-after photo. I think it's effect is clear, it really works on you. Right now I'm using They're real from Benefit Cosmetics, and for me is perfect, but I'll put this one on my list... xx


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