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Glossybox December 2012 - Bejeweled Edition

For this Christmas month, Glossybox has come with this silver boxed Bejeweled Edition. I am totally loving the glamorous packaging. I decided to go ahead with a 3-month subscription of to see whether it's worth the money or not. There are many who are very happy with their subscription and then there are more who are not so happy. I thought I'd give it a try myself. 
For those who don't know, Glossybox subscription is available to USA, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom. Glossybox Germany is available for 15 per month.

All these facts aside..want to know what is in this Christmas Glossybox?

Allesandro Snowflake Smoothing Hand Cream - €8.95 (sample size)
It smells really wonderful and seems like a really cool hand cream. I don't have any at the moment so I am glad to find it in the box.

Essie Mirror Metallics Nail Polish in Penny Talk - €9.00  (full size)
I have been eyeing Essie nail polishes every time I visit a makeup store. This particular shade is from their Mirror Metallics Collection. Really excited to try it out but this collection is not something I would have myself bought.

Korres Matte Eyeshadow in 35M Brown - 12.90 (full size)
I am not at all eyeshadow person. I seldom, seldom wear them. So it is a real pity because otherwise this taupe-brown eyeshadow is a gorgeous, everyday colour.

BM Beauty Eyeliner Brush - €7.50 (full size)
This is the product I am least excited about. Nothing over the top about it and I already own some eyeliner brushes.

Cosline Concealer Nr.965 - €9.00 (full size)
Fortunately, the shade is my close match. It is a stick concealer. And I am a concealer hoarder so I don't mind having loads.

Glossybox Fake Eyelashes (extra)
This is an extra item for this month's box. Probably the part of the Bejeweled Edition. The eyelashes look really fancy. And the good thing is they come with an adhesive.

So what do you think of this month's Glossybox?


  1. This is very tempting. Essie <3

  2. wow!! nice pics.. I used to Korres blush kit and I liked it.

  3. awe... i always watched on overseas bloggers with their monthly gloss box now i saw you... so tempted to have one :)

  4. The essie shade looks so gorgeousss! <3 Looking forward to the NOTD!

  5. love the essie polish! its such a cool colour :)
    hareem x

  6. OMG! color or the lip gloss and nail color and wow that eye lashes

  7. Glossy box always comes with new surprises .

  8. Very temptingg <3 Looking forward for a review xx

  9. Essie... <3 i wish my box would have been the same :)

  10. waiting for the essie swatch... perks of living abroad! nothing like this is available here.

  11. Ah what I would give to have so,etching like this in Pakistan!

  12. Love this box! That nail polish looks lovely.

    Lela -

  13. Aw that Snowflake hand cream has such a cute packaging, and I wonder what it smells like, I guess like peppermint from the packaging? Those lashes look stunning and I always love when fake lashes come with adhesive! I always forget about KORRES makeup since I haven't tried anything from this line but I absolutely love their skincare products!

  14. Really pretty box and the stuff is actually products that I would try and wear! I think they did a nice job this month.

  15. This is like getting a wonderful gift every month! I wish it was available in pakistan too.

  16. Looks like you've gotten some amazing products in this month's GlossyBox! :)

    Stop by and check out my blog giveaway! x

  17. The Essie polish is AMAZE. Its my new go-to "neutral" shade. I love Glossybox!

    There's also a current GlossyBox giveaway contest going on Facebook here:


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