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Review: Firmoo Ivory Sunglasses & Giveaway

When I first ordered this pair of sunglasses, I wasn’t even sure I would like them this madly. I am very particular about my sunglasses because there are very seldom that suit my face shape. I make a point to try them out before buying. Ordering sunglasses online is just not my thing, doesn't tell you the make, the finish or the suitability of the shades. But while ordering on Firmoo, their Virtual Try-On System is a real life-saver. It helps put your choice of shades on different models or you can try it on on your own picture. 

When this pair of Firmoo sunglasses (#OTO2503) arrived in mail, I was quite surprised with their luxurious look. They are made of sturdy plastic that has a metallic finish, and they look so damn chic and classy. They came in a white plastic case wrapped in a soft cloth and small black bag. And something which is truly new to me is that they send a mini screwdriver and some screws along with it. How cute!

This purple design at it's side makes me fall in love with it every timeeee
It took only 4 days for the delivery. So I was hell impressed with their service. And you know what? You can get a refund/exchange if you are not happy with your pair.

The good news for all my readers is that every FIRST customer at Firmoo gets one pair of glasses FREE. How cool is that? Click here to order your free sunglasses or eyeglasses or even goggle frames. I am totally thinking of ordering a leopard print aviator eyeglasses that I recently saw, because non-prescription eyewear are becoming a fad, you don’t need a vision problem to be able to pull it off.

The great news is that Firmoo has been so kind to give $20 gift vouchers for 25 people. Have a look at their website here and just see what fun can you have ordering from such fashionable pairs.
I am holding this amazing giveaway right here till December 20, 2012. The winners will be announced the next day so they can order from their Firmoo wishlist just before Christmas. The giveaway is open WORLDWIDE.
So what are you guys waiting for? Enter and win!
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