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English Rose Cosmetics Nighty Night Cream - Review

English Rose Cosmetics Nighty Night Cream

This rich night cream contains 3% Biden Pilosa (Hairy Beggarticks) a plant with retinoid properties and has been scientifically proven to plump out wrinkles, lighten age spots, reduce oiliness, improves skin texture and radiance.  Rose Hip and Linseed oil deeply moisturise skins lipid barrier and sodium hyaluronate intensely moisturises.


English Rose Cosmetics is run by Karin McKay who after spending some years of love with luxurious beauty products decided to make use of the same effective ingredients in a less expensive way.
Nighty Night Cream is a night cream with anti-aging and moisturising benefits in a 50ml tub.

English Rose Cosmetics Nighty Night CreamEnglish Rose Cosmetics Nighty Night CreamEnglish Rose Cosmetics Nighty Night Cream - Ingredients

As the summers approached I was out in search of a good moisturising cream for my combination skin. I suffer with quite some dryness in winters for which my Aveeno Moisturiser works like a charm. But now I wanted something lighter, although I still use Aveeno through the daytime and it does not break me out.

In the mail one day came the English Rose Cosmetics Nighty Night Cream with this very vintage-looking packaging. The product has a very homely and ancient glamour appeal to it. The cream was also covered with a protective lid inside.  It has a slight herbal scent to it, which is very subtle, reminds me of the pure aloe gel I used back at Pakistan.

The cream is said to have anti-aging, moisturising properties. Applying the cream on my face gives a very refreshing sensation, although I wish it smelled slightly nicer than almost-neutral. It is the most lightweight cream I have ever come across; disappears instantly with not even an ounce of greasiness. What is surprising that even then it is quite moisturising, I do not see even a trace of dry patch around my cheeks. I cannot say much about dry skin types, but combination-oily skins might quite enjoy its light-weightedness, non-greasiness and moisturising properties. It does not even break me out.

I do not have any fine lines or wrinkles so cannot much say about its anti-aging properties, but I do feel a very pleasant tightening effect immediately after applying the cream on my face. Nighty Night Cream contains Revinage, an ingredient with all the retinol properties without any of its side effects.

The cream did not make my complexion extra radiant but it does keep my skin moisturised and non-oily.

English Rose Cosmetics also does not test on animals.


A great night-time moisturiser for combination-oily skin types. It gives a very pleasant tightening effect after application which may say something about its anti-aging properties of which I am not much of an expert right now. I just wish it smelled nicer!

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Disclaimer: This product(s) was sent to me for consideration to review. I was not paid for this review,  I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the product(s) was free does not influence my opinion at all.
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