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Live Beautifully Lip Balms Haul

Live Beautifully Lip Balms
This is not the first time I have shopped at etsy! But by far this has been my most amazing shopping experience on etsy or any other website. Many of you know Live Beautifully are my this month's Medium Advertisers. And I am so glad that they are or I would never have had an opportunity to know these amazing people - Nicole and Aaron; and come across their fabulous shop.
Let me already say that I myself placed an order on Live Beautifully and this raving haul has nothing to do with the fact they they are advertising on my blog. Honestly they deserve it!

 Live Beautifully Lip Balms
Live Beautifully Lip Balms - packaging
Once before I placed an order with a USA seller on etsy. The order did reach me safe and sound but it took one and a half month and it was very haphazardly packaged. Nothing came broken but I appreciate a thought in the packaging.

The first surprise was receiving this order in 10 days. I was not at all expecting. I always thought USA orders took at least a month. The second surprise was such careful and thoughtful packing. Everything arrived in a ziploc bag. Each product was individually sealed. And in the second picture you can see the tub lip balms are packed in a thick cardboard and wrapped around with a tape.

It's is so hard to believe that Live Beautifully is run by two people; with such customer service, shipping, packaging, products quality they have to be a brand. You can read more about their all natural body products shop here.

Live Beautifully Peppermint Twist Lip Balm Jelly & Peach and Vanilla Whipped Lip Butter
I placed an order for:
1. Peppermint Twist Lip Balm Jelly - $6.00 / £4.05 (link)
This is a mix of vanilla peppermint and cherry. It has a very icy, minty scent with hints of vanilla.

2. Peach & Vanilla Whipped Lip Butter - $6.00 / £4.05 (link)
Whipped Lip Butter is essentially what tempted me to place an order. It reminds me of Starbucks coffee, I have lost count how many times I have opened it just to take a whiff.

Live Beautifully Lip Butter Primer & Juicy Peach and Pear Lip Balm
Nicole and Aaron were so kind to give these two as complimentary products. This package just made my day. 
3. Lip Butter Primer - $3.00 / £2.02 (link)
This primer adds extra shine to the lip butter. I haven't used it yet seeing I only received the package today.

4. Lip Balm Anthology in 'Juicy Peach and Pear' - $4.00 / £2.70 (link)
This one has a very subtle fruity scent. They call it the' fruit smoothie' flavour hah! It is a blend of pear, peach, banana and vanilla.

I have yet to properly use all this. But if they are even half as good as they their packaging and flavours I might  end up neglecting every other lip balm that I own.

Now let me spend some more time alone, petting my new babies. I am a lip balm junkie guys! Even if you do not want to place an order, pop over at Live Beautifully just to feast your eyes on their quirky flavours and some more body products.

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