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Weekly Highlight: Ebelin Augenbrauenformer (Eyebrow Shaper)

Ebelin Augenbrauenformer (Eyebrow Shaper)
Ebelin Augenbrauenformer | 2.45
All my eyebrow worries got answered with this wondrous eyebrow shaper which I spotted on a youtube video few days back and then luckily spotted them at my local drugstore.

Ebelin Augenbrauenformer (Eyebrow Shaper)

Ever since I have come to Germany I have not had my eyebrows threaded. Eyebrow threading is not so common here and I have thick, very unruly eyebrows that tend to de-shape quite easily so I have never felt at ease over the thought of getting my eyebrows done from a salon here. I just don't why. I am too scared to take the plunge.

When I came here, I tried to pluck stray hairs regularly, which of course was tiresome. Then I found eyebrow wax strips which was a somewhat successful method but those strips dried the area where I waxed BADLY. I thought maybe me and plucking were stuck forever until one day I saw some beauty youtuber talking about an eyebrow shaper...whaaaat?!? I had no idea if such a thing even existed. All I could think of was, how awesome would it be if I could find it somewhere in Germany, since I did not even know its German name a few days back.

The other day I had a lot of time on my hand, browsing through the aisles of my local drugstore that I spotted these three babies, all in pretty girly colours of pinks and purple and only for 2.5 bucks wheee. Without a second thought I grabbed them and yes leaving my how-I-met-my-eyebrow-shapers story aside, they do work. It is like a a very fine jagged blade that shaves away small hair and is quite safe to use too, doesn't cut skin. Aah super happy about this awesome find! What do you think?

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