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Illamasqua Under Eye Concealer - Review & Swatches

Make your eyes stand out. Designed to keep dark circles and imperfections firmly under wraps, this moisture-rich formula blends easily and leaves skin feeling soft and even. A secret that no one knows but you. 

$20.63, £13.00, €15.55 Illamasqua
The product has now been discontinued and is now on sale for £5.00.

Illamasqua has an individual concealer made especially for under eyes. This concealer comes in 9 shades, but since it has been discontinued just recently it is on sale with only three shades in stock. It contains 2.5ml of product. I bought the shade UC 200.

Illamasqua Under Eye Concealer
 Illamasqua Under Eye Concealer

I don't know what's with me and high-end concealers. We just don't gel together. It is so disappointing spending so many bucks on a concealer you have heard so much about and it just doesn't work out for you.

I am always looking for good, high-coverage, non-creasing concealers. The day Illamasqua was having their 50% sale I decided to indulge in their Under Eye Concealer; considering it was made especially for under eyes it had to be special. Of course, I read various reviews, quite mixed reviews, so I just went ahead and added it to the cart thinking how worse could it be.

But oh boy! It had to be one of the worst concealers I have tried. I am still thinking of a miraculous way to make it work. For starters, the concealer is greasy, it does not set and sits on top. It also only provides medium coverage, if it provides any. But on my eyes it just does not look good since it does not blend and of course tends to crease. Maybe, maybe it would work for very dry eye area.

I don't why they have discontinued it, I just saw today that they have.

Such a disappointment!

 photo signI-1.jpg 


  1. aww never expect this from illamasqua thank you so much for the honest review

  2. I've yet to try any high-end concealer but for now I'm happy with my drugstore ones :)

  3. oh bummer! then it's a blessing they've discontinued this!:/

  4. Maybe that's why it has been discontinued! Hate it when expensive products don't work at all for oneself. :(

  5. Awe.. So sad to hear a bad product review from Illamasqua

  6. oh no,that's disappointing. I'm still looking for a good under-eye concealer too..
    Meital from Très Jolie fashion blog

  7. I have heard so many good reviews about illamasqua products . Its sad that there concealer is not working for you :( .

  8. It doesn't really look that good on the packaging either. Thanks for the review!

    Zoe // The Caribbean Flower

  9. aaaaahh well too bad.. i hear inglot has good concealers.. gotta try one :)

  10. You're right! I had high hopes for this concealer, it being high-end + from Illamasqua. But, it was a big disappointment for me.


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