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Astor 24h Perfect Stay Style Muse Eye Liner - Review & Swatch

Astor 24h Perfect Stay Style Muse Eye Liner

"Feeling bold? Dare to define your eyes with fiercely striking lines courtesy of new Astor 24H Perfect Stay Style Muse Eyeliner Pen. This new long-lasting liner has the thickest felt-tip applicator for creating the most audacious and inspiring eye-looks. Sculpt strong lines and dramatic shapes with ease."

6.49 | Parfum Dreams

Astor 24h Perfect Stay Style Muse Eye Liner

Astor 24h Perfect Stay Style Muse Eye Liner (swatch)

Felt-tip eyeliners are an absolute delight to use if you are obsessed with winged eyeliner like me. I think they give the best control in creating that perfect wing. I like my wing to be very dark and dramatic.

Astor already my favourite in so many products, managed to make me fall in love with another one of their new release. Perfect Stay Style Muse Eyeliner is absolutely black, gives opacity in one single swipe and does not smudge/budge at all on my eyelids. The only slight catch is that the tip is quite thick, thus, you can only achieve thick, bold looks with it. It is kinda impossible to get a fine line with this guy. But since I am all about those dramatic winged eyeliners I have no complaints. I do not have to go over and over again with multiple swipes or try really hard to keep my hand steady as opposed to when I am using an eyeliner with a fine tip. And if I want to achieve a very thin line, I have my other eyeliners to do that.

Though I have seen that after a couple of uses the tip of this eyeliner starts wearing out. If I use it everyday, it will not last me more than month, maybe even less.


If like me you like your eyeliner to be thick and dramatic then Astor Perfect Stay Muse Eye Liner is perfect for you.

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