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MAC Kelly Yum Yum - Review & Swatch

$17.50, €19.50 
It was a limited edition lipstick, might not be available any more.


Let's be very honest here, the only thing that fascinated me about this lipstick was the purple packaging and the fact that I was yearning to get one fancy limited edition lipstick in my collection. Also at one point in my life I had wanted to own the bright and sexy Candy Yum Yum and could not, became another pushing factor.

And you can just see how impatient I was to try it that I could not wait till after I had taken pictures. Oh boy!

This vibrant pink Kelly Yum Yum is likened to the cult-favourite Candy Yum Yum which has more bluer undertones than the former. And if you own Candy Yum Yum you probably don't need this unless the packaging pulls you to itself. And this was the only lipstick I loved from the Kelly Osbourne Collection. Rest of the shades were just not my cup of tea.

Kelly Yum Yum is a beautiful cool-toned bright fuchsia with a satin finish. The formula is indeed flawless, it glides on to the lips and lasts for more than 5 hours on me. Amazing! It does not highlight any imperfections or pulls at my lips when it is on. I am really enjoying the formula of this particular lipstick a lot. And the shade itself is indeed stunning.

I just own way too many bright pinks but I am certainly glad I decided to go for this one.

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