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Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss in 'Kiss You' - Review & Swatches

Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss in 'Kiss You' - Review & Swatches

The plushness is poutrageous! Our soft & silky glosses glide on sooo smooth, drenching lips in luscious color that’s never sticky. From crystal clear to hot pink, the luxurious formulas give your lips a kissable, sexy sheen. 

€17.50, $16.00 | Look Fantastic

Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss in 'Kiss You' - Review & Swatches

Jeez finally! Took me five photo sessions to finally get this lip gloss right. No idea what is wrong with this non-photogenic dude.
Anyways, this has to be one of the cutest lip glosses I own. I don't know why but it reminds me of my childhood dollhouse.

To be honest, I am not much of a lip gloss person anymore; considering I never wore anything besides a lip gloss just a few years back. No matter what lip gloss you apply, it always wears off pretty quickly. But now and then, I do like a good, soft sheen. I think it looks very flattering sometime, just lits up your face.

Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss is one such lip gloss for that perfect sheen. It just makes my lips glow beautifully. Alone it is fuchsia with a hint of purple to it. But paired with a pink lipstick it just looks stunning. I don't like wearing it alone too much. For all those sticky-gloss haters, this one is very lightweight and silky. You won't feel it on your lips at all. Still, like all lip glosses, it wears off in an hour or so.

Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss in 'Kiss You' - Swatches


I personally love Benefit lip glosses. I think they come in an amazing range of shades, are very comfortable to wear and perfect to gloss up the lips.

 photo signI-1.jpg 


  1. This looks pretty and you're right, It'll look great when paired up with a lipstick of the same shade <3 Nice review Shang!

  2. The packaging!!! Love the color. I am not a huge fan of lip glosses either but honestly this one is to die for. They found my weak point; the packaging.

    1. Haha yeah it certainly is adorable!


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